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STOLEN UNDERGROUND is against drug use and gun violence.  Due to the recent mass shootings and drug overdose epidemics we are here to help stop both of these.  All material in Stolen Underground is designed to reach those at risk and to help them make the decision to truly love themselves and to understand winning doesn’t matter which is positive energy domination.  We do not condone violence or drug use of any kind.  These strictly go against our philosophy of truly loving ourselves.  We do not condone HATE on any level including self hate which fuels all human suffering.  Any of our arts that reflect anything other than this are strictly to reach those to teach them and to show them out of a life of drugs and violence.  We do support the NRA and believe the only way to stop gun violence is not to ban guns but to teach the world to truly love ourselves to solve the reason why people commit mass shootings in the first place.  We can cure the world by teaching true love is ourselves and winning doesn’t matter only positive energy domination.

Truly love yourself and master it by not basing your self worth on winning or losing which is positive energy domination and the only way forward.

Everything you need to be happy is already inside you.  Your true love is yourself.  Master it.  See how rapidly your life improves simply by altering this false ideology of your true love is found externally brainwashed into the world which causes all human suffering.  You can only truly love others when you first truly love yourself and vice versa.  All hate stems from self hate and you can not hate anyone if you truly love yourself.  Winning absolutely doesn’t matter to your abilities to truly love yourself!

From this moment forward live your life to build true self love in all of your actions and all of your suffering will disappear.

That is all.

Signing Off.

-The Commander