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How to join?  Visit the website daily.

What do we believe?  Self hate is the only enemy humanity faces and self hate fueled winning will usher in the apocalypse.  The key to peace on Earth is in loving ourselves truly.  By truly loving ourselves we can truly love others.  When the world truly loves itself there will be world peace.  We believe all hate stems from self hate.  You must first hate yourself before you can hate anyone else.  We end hate and racism through truly loving ourselves.

What is the job of a Stolen Underground Shut'em Down Soldier?  To truly love yourselves and to teach others to truly love themselves.  We are committed to freedom and align with all political parties who adhere to our true love is ourselves positive energy domination winning doesn't matter movement.  Political parties change we do not and we only do that which builds true self love which is our driving force.  By truly loving yourselves you will not need any commands because you will know in your heart what makes you truly love yourselves.  It is up to you to decide but you must be honest with yourself and always make sure you aren't basing your self worth on a win or a loss. 

What are the qualities of a Shut'em Down Soldier?  A Shut'em Down Soldier truly loves himself and never bases his self worth on a win.  So he does not get angry when he loses anything.  He does not get jealous if someone else wins more than him.  He has no greed.  He has no envy.  He has no emotional negative energy, only self building true self love in his being.  A Shut'em Down Soldier is the ultimate peaceful warrior and knows no fear and is courageous in truly loving himself until the end.   A Shut'em Down Soldier is a Positive Energy Dom.  He focuses on dominating which means he can win or  lose and he always will retain his ability to truly love himself which is complete positive energy domination.

Does winning matter to a Shut'em Down Soldier?  No it doesn't, and you can't base your self worth on a win or a loss that is positive energy domination.  So there is no need for any protesting, any fighting, or any violence.  You will simply dominate the world by truly loving yourself.  When a Shut'em Down Soldier wins there is no celebration because winning doesn't matter.

How is Stolen Underground different from groups like ANTIFA?  Stolen Underground is different from ANTIFA in that ANTIFA doesn't realize they are fighting against themselves.  Self hate is the only enemy humanity faces so if you want to make a change start first by truly loving yourself.  Then teach others to truly love themselves.

Would a Stolen Underground Shut'em Down Soldier ever go to war?  Stolen Underground Shut'em Down Soldiers work with local law enforcement and the United States Military.  We would only go to war if evil forces were attacking them and they needed help from an underground force.  So there is no war for the Shut'em Down Soldier he is the peaceful warrior always looking to lend a hand, but in the apocalypse things might change if the self hating winning is all that matters armies threaten the true love is ourselves winning doesn't matter positive energy domination forces. 

What is the emblem of the Stolen Underground Shut'em Down Soldier?  Stolen Underground Shut'em Down Soldiers were created in 2003 ironically the same year that another group decided to use the 13.  This group is called MS 13 and there is no affiliation between the two.  Actually our upsidedown racing 13 symbolizes peace and unity perhaps this is why it is flipped upsidedown in racing to bring good fortune to the pro racer.  There is nothing new about bicycle racers flipping their 13s in racing this is a tradition in racing we didn't start.  Stolen Underground was the first to put the upsidedown 13 on a bicycle jersey and others have also come up with similar 13s and that is cool.  We are not trying to win.  Our logo is different in that it features a crosshair styled scope.   

      This is the original race number.