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Monday, August 12 2019


In a conversation with Jan Exum the wife of Dr. Wade Exum and Dr. Exum ... they discussed the role HRO had in developing the United States Anti-Doping Agency.  As a matter of fact in the lawsuit of Dr. Wade Exum vs the USOC Travis Tygart at the time was on the legal team working for HRO defending the USOC, so you will see how he can be the CEO and was named to run USADA once Dr. Exum was dealt with.  Richard Young pictured was supposed to be the man in charge of the whole operation.  Keep in mind Dr. Wade Exum reported to that Lance was allowed to use testosterone the same doping product that lost Landis the TDF since 1999.  See all of our top secret pages to get up to speed.

The really sad thing is how many positive great Olympic hopefuls lost their shot at the Olympic Dreams when the USOC with Dr. Wade Exum in charge ignored the positive drug tests and kept these athletes in the game playing favorites and now the future has to hope that Travis Tygart and the baby of these corrupt people at the USOC in the United States Anti-Doping Agency doesn't have 3 eye balls and one testicle.  Of course Lance has one testicle and USADA lost their other when they never really did anything to stop Armstrong until the very end.

Richard Young and HRO should be investigated as well as Terry Madden and Travis Tygart and a full investigation should be lauched into the handling of the Lance Armstrong investigation by the FBI which was dropped shortly before Lance admitted to using drugs and of course the Department of Injustice allows Lance to buy out when he at his peak was worth 150 million dollars.  What a bunch of bs when Landis is seen as the official whistle blower when was not only exposing Lance doping but also Landis since 2003!

Whistle blowers my ass.  DeCanio was fired from pro cycling and these so called heroes of anti-doping movement got all the publicity and press and the documentary footage when they are the guilty and only did so to cash in on their lies when they could.  What scum!

That is all.

Signing Off.

-The Commander

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