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August 28,2020

Pro sports ratings have been going down, down, down, down, and down.  The reason is simple.  There is a battle right now in humanity of two different values true self love vs true self hate.  On one side you have winning is the only thing that matters and on the other side you have winning doesn't matter.  But how could winning not matter is the question people will have and what is true self love?  I will go into great detail to explain this so you can understand and see some things about yourself that you are not aware of that is happening in your own soul.

When you look at professional cycling, and I was a professional cyclist so I am an expert in the field you would have coaches, riders, and sponsors and they all were in professional cycling for one objective and that was to win.  Everyone had a goal to win something when they showed up and pinned the number on.  Some racers however would draw a line in the sand as to what extent they would go to win and others had no lines in the sand as to what they wouldn't do to win including crashing other racers, doping, lying, and/or keeping quiet about those who were doing evil deeds in order to keep the health of pro cycling alive.  I lop all of these racers into one category and that is the self hating category, the ones even today that have no idea that winning doesn't matter.  The racers who truly loved themselves would exit the sport faster and most would not make it to the pro level period.  The risks were too great and the struggle was too great and these people are the true self lovers but potentially they also never learned winning doesn't matter completely because their quest may have been abandoned too quickly but they can learn the rest from me to complete their life existence as positive people.  In order to make it to the pro level of any sport you have to have a fair amount of self hate in the first place. Self hate is the driving factor for training in dangerous traffic conditions, risking your life at 70 mph on downhills, and getting the ultimate victory which was external love and admiration for a grand victory.

At age 16 I was already in the Olympic Training Center and yes my career was cut short by getting fired but I was involved with cycling at an Olympic and world class level for a decade and I spent a second decade on the outside as an anti-doping activist so I have a very balanced perspective.  But I didn't really learn about true self love or true self hate until all of my abilities to win were stripped from me by Lance Armstrong and his collaborating Army.  This was the gift which I thought was my worst nightmare but really turned out to be the best gift of my life but it was a painful process to go through as I was brainwashed by all pro sports since a child to believe winning is all that matters in life and that I should base all of my self worth on if I win vs if I lose.  This couldn't be further from the truth and in reality the truth is winning or losing has nothing to do with dominating life.

When you hate yourself you will seek external love in winning and depending on how much you hate yourself the amount that winning matters will very.  In the case of Lance Armstrong he has an extremely high self hatred and negative energy so his desires to win external love are off the charts.  Winning love externally for him is the only point of life and this mental sickness is then spread through professional cycling to the millions of people who watch the Tour de France.  My job was to destroy this message and as an activist my goal was achieved.  For me my surprise was realizing at the time I also had been suffering from the same mental sickness as Lance Armstrong but I was able to stop my sickness from growing and spreading at a crucial moment in time when I first started speaking out about doping in pro cycling to the point that I could eventually learn about true self love, winning doesn't matter, and positive energy domination.

Pro sports are filled to the brim with self hating athletes who base their self worth on winning and losing love.  They all have various reasons for their personal self hate most times it comes from racism, broken families, being unattractive in some way, abusive parents, coming up in negative environments, witnessing violence, etc. and this negativity is reflected in how much they value winning love.  Athletes that cry when they win or lose are self hating examples, or the athletes that throw tantrums or get extremely angry are examples of self hating negative people.  This behavior is then learned by the fans who idolize the players and then they apply this to their daily life.  Fans also base their self worth on the athletes performance or their idols ability to win love and they get temporary happiness in seeing their idol win so it is a shared experience of negativity and a relationship is built between the false idol, the passionate fan, and his slave master who is the pro athlete who the fan idolizes and loves more than himself. This is when pro sports get really sick and demented.  

Today is that day on a grand scale and pro athletes are more self hating today than ever.  The fans who remain are also more self hating than ever and winning matters more now than it ever has before.  We can see signs of it all over the place in pro sports and it is driving the popularity of pro sports down, down, down because people who love themselves are being repelled and those that idolize the athletes are getting more depressed and lost than ever especially when pro athletes are giving advice on politics and calling themselves kings.  The reality couldn't be further from the truth and today watching pro sports you are getting dragged down physically, mentally, financially, and your soul is getting ripped out of your heart and in the case of the BLM protests it is costing you your life and in politics it could soon be ending your freedoms fought for with the souls of millions of soldiers who fought tyranny and it isn't worth the trade.

Lebron James is shocked that his Kingness isn't getting the same love it once did but his reign is over as it is also over for Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, Colin K., Nike, ESPN, the NFL, NBA, the Olympics, pro cycling and any sport that continues to push self hate winning agendas and pushing the false ideologies that are learned in politics by trying to solve human chaos through winning more external love.  Pro sports figures belong in mental institutions and the reality is often times that's where they end up if they don't get arrested for becoming mudering pro bowl New England Patriots.  Or gigantic frauds like Lance Armstrong who drive his followers to hang themselves like Robin Williams after their teachings are empty, dark, and evil at the core which will one day be realized in most cases it's too late.  Think about that when you see an image of a pro athlete in a BLM shirt telling you to go into harms way in a self hating manor to try and win something to fix the problem of racism incorrectly.  Yes, they are no different from any negative ruler throughout human history.  If you have a bad general you will die and you will lose the war and your life and these are all bad generals and anyone who follows them becomes a victim to negative energy.  Those who can't see this are brainwashed and thus can relate to how soldiers in WW2 could partake in the Holocaust.

I am not surprised to see the ratings dive and I'm not watching the Tour de France this year or the next.  I don't expect you will be watching much pro sports either but don't feel bad.  These self hating winning is all that matters athletes, broadcasters, writers, networks, organizations are negative false idols and if you listen too closely to them you will soon be living a life totally embracing negativity and before you know it you will think winning is all that matters and your life will be filled with depression, crying, anger, violence, and potentially death at a BLM protest which in the end will do nothing to end racism but will only create more racists.  

Turn off the pro sports and make a stand for humanity and truly love yourself, and tell your false idol who is as sick as Adolf Hitler that winning doesn't matter and his victory does NOT earn your love.  This will snap your curse and your idols will be destroyed thus allowing you to become who you were really meant to be.  A true self loving positive energy dominator.  

We all want a peaceful non racist world filled with love, but you can't ever get this through self hating winning or by teaching people to base their self worth on what they win or lose.  Sorry gangster rapping Democrats your days of manipulation are over.  People aren't impressed with your super bowl party anymore.  You and your pro athlete friends are an embarrassment and your drug induced egotistical coma you are living in once it wears off will have you remembered throughout history with a bronze statue in the hall of fame as part of the reason humanity went to a nuclear war apocalypse which killed billions of people.

You can test your true self love by how angry you get when you lose.  When you truly love yourself you won't ever get angry when you lose!  In order to truly love yourself you can not idolize anyone and winning love can not matter.  If you can't break these chains you will always be a self hating, subordinate, negative slave regardless of what you win in life and as you head into the afterlife you should expect to go straight to hell for your roll in continuing the human chaos and suffering during your time on the planet.  If you are involved in pro sports you must state on public record that true love is ourselves and winning doesn't matter or you will be a negative idol recorded through the energy weight in your soul thus selecting you for the negative energy dimension at death.  Anyone who tells you that your true love is not yourself and that winning his love is all that matters is NOT to be trusted.  Any pro who tells you winning matters is the enemy of humanity and he is creating the racism that is killing BLACK LIVES and ALL LIVES!!!


Slay the false idol, tell him winning doesn't matter  true love is ourselves!