Stolen Underground would like to thank the visitors we have had since 2003.  We would like to tell the world we are very happy and enjoying a wonderful enlightened peaceful lifestyle as a married couple.  Life is great.  The book we are writing may stay within our family to share with our children only.  The world may not be prepared for the story nor will those who would undoubtedly continue to slander us in the media.  

We have prepared a manifesto to sum up the book which would explain in detail.  Thanks again for all the years of support during a difficult period in pro cycling. But it is over and life is now very good.  Enjoying retirement very much.  We will no longer be available to the public or media.  Do not expect the book to ever be made public.

The manifesto if followed will cure all human suffering and usher in world peace.


Matt DeCanio

Karla DeCanio


We are born and raised to hate ourselves.  Throughout human history mankind has one thing in common and this never changes, it is the one thing that has stayed consistent and the one thing that is causing all human suffering and chaos.

The desire for external love in winning, money, power, fame, sex, drugs, greed, and violence.  Because mankind refuses and still refuses to believe in true love is ourselves then the population on Earth in 2020 selects the one action.  Win external love and the complete reason for life is to win external love.

In this way people slowly fade into selling out their abilities to truly love themselves in a trade for the external love they receive in society.  The common person will state I don't hate myself but the truth is that they actually do.  If one were to remove all of the forms of external temporary love the person would be devastated and will go either suicidal or homicidal.  

Therefore we must teach the world to truly love ourselves and that winning external love is not the mission of life but instead to simply truly love ourselves.

Our societies are run by idols who have won so much external love and the self hating populations admire and follow the advice of these people who have won and they sell out their abilities to love themselves in order to win.

This is the reason people suffer in depression, obesity, suicide, drug addiction, violence, hate, racism, destruction of the environment, wars, rape, and doping in sports.  All human suffering stems from people deciding true love is not themselves and rather found so to do anything to find it results in chaos and human suffering.


So if you wish to live your life free of jealousy, anger, depression, hate, racism, and all of the things keeping you from truly enjoying your life as a peaceful person focus on doing only that which builds true self love.  If you invest in self hating and self harming behavior these are negative and they will result in you being what you despise most which is a subordinate to anyone who truly loves themselves.  So the self hating subordinates burning desire to win external love may be found shortly or if lucky for their entire lives but in the end all of these forms of temporary love go away and we are only left with our self love which is our soul.  What forms of external temporary love you have won in life mean nothing but how much you truly love yourself means everything.

So if you want to change the world in whatever way, teach true love is ourselves and winning doesn't matter positive energy domination and practice that.  You will finally be free of your suffering when you invest in truly loving yourself and if you refuse to you will forever be enslaved.  From this moment forward do not base your self worth on winning or losing but instead on how much you truly love yourself and this is positive energy domination.  Those who created us are corrupt, forgive them, and switch your focus in life to finding that true love for yourself it is in everyone on the planet.  If you refuse this manifesto you will seal your own fate.

You have two choices in life are you going to truly love yourself and not lose it to win external love or are you going to sacrifice your abilities to truly love yourself in a desire to try and win it?  

Choose wisely.  I have chosen as should you to truly love myself and to not focus on winning.  Focus on only doing that which builds true love for ourselves and you will always dominate life. The only way forward for humanity is to teach and to practice true love is ourselves and winning doesn't matter positive energy domination.  If you think you are progressive and are going to have a real impact on changing the world differently from any generation of the past and you seek, teach, or lead people to believe happiness is found in the external love of winning you are no more advanced in intelligence from a neandertal.

The world has only one choice.  To truly love ourselves and to fully understand and adopt winning doesn't matter positive energy domination.  Failure to do so will result in a nuclear apocalypse.  There is a cure for war and all human suffering, and it is inside us already all we have to do is to embrace it and empower it.   Doing so the world will finally be free from your enslavement to self hate subordination winning love is all that matters chaos.


-Matt DeCanio