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Looking for hot model quality playmates with my husband. Hot girls and guys welcome. I’m bisexual he is straight.

I’m looking for two extremely hot guys to fuck on two separate occasions.

The first occasion I would like to have my husband and two hot guys all at once filling up all my holes, and on the second occasion I’d like to suck and fuck each guy individually.

All guys and girls must be tested for STDs.

I’m also looking for two hot girls to join me for playtime with my gorgeous husband. :)

Send me a friend request and a message if you are interested.

I must see a picture of your face as well at a certain point before we meet up. Legit, confident, and true self loving men and women should hmu if you are in the Virginia area.

You must be ok with photography and some video as well for my share projects. We don’t have to show your face in any photos but I love XXX photography and videos so it’s a must.

Email modeling photos to  

You can also make a profile and message me.  Click here to view my profile.

"I think cyclists are hot!  And I want 3 hot cyclists to come fuck me at once."

"Come pound my pussy and fuck my ass.  I want to feel your cum dripping out from inside me."