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True Love is Ourselves and when you truly love yourself winning love externally doesn't matter.  This is positive energy domination.  That said the world is in a chaos because people refuse to truly love themselves and they will kill themselves to get love externally.  NEVER base your self worth on winning.  That said everything you need is already inside you and it's free.  Don't try and solve the chaos by giving more external love, solve the chaos by truly loving yourself more.  Life is a test and you fail it if you hate yourself when you die.  So understanding truly loving yourself means winning doesn't matter will help guide you through life to a successful positive energy outcome.

We will be launching a private label clothing line and putting our music up on mainstream platforms soon.  Now you know the secrets of life.  Ask yourself if you don't truly love yourself does your life matter to you?  If your life doesn't matter to you why should it matter to anyone else?  Lead by example.  Love yourself to make the world a better place, don't focus on loving others it is for them to do for themselves and you are using them for external love which is negative.  You can't save anyone with love, people have to save themselves by loving themselves.  The human error is thinking if you love someone or something more than yourself that it is positive.  It's actually incredibly negative and you will be a subordinate to this external love forever enslaving yourself.

The more competitive you are the more you hate yourself.  You can never dominate life if you hate yourself.

The lesson is over.